Fronius is universally recognised as world leaders in welding technology, constantly searching for efficient and innovative solutions to add to their extensive range of products.

Welding systems from Fronius are in a class of their own. Every single Fronius power source is also Fronius-developed, which means that it is produced with the best and most advanced technology available. 

Examples of their innovative systems include:

CMT WeldingFronius-TransPuls-Synergic-2700

This modern joining method satisfies increasingly stringent demands such as process stability, reproducibility and cost-effectiveness.

CMT stands for Cold Metal Transfer. The wire movement is incorporated into the process control, where heat is inserted only very briefly. Metal transfer takes place with barely any flow of current. The result is spatter-free MIG/MAG welding and brazing of thin sheets (0.3 mm or thicker), MIG brazing of galvanised sheets and the joining of steel and aluminium.

The CMT process provides a straightforward way of joining steel and aluminium. Over and above this, CMT has a number of more than satisfactory mechanical and technological characteristics. Interest is not just confined to the joining of steel and aluminium. There are a number of other extremely interesting potential applications, including the spatter-free brazing of coated sheets, the light-gauge welding of aluminium and the welding of magnesium.


Unlimited Mobilityfronius main

Fronius AccuPocket is the worlds first battery powered MMA welding system. The built in high performance lithium-ion battery enables off-grid welding repairs to be carried out in any location without the need for mains or generator power.

AccuBoost delivers marked improvements in the ignition properties, arc stability and arc dynamics. The integral high-performance rechargeable battery momentarily delivers above-averagely high short-circuiting currents during welding, reliably minimising electrode-sticking.

The perfect interplay between the battery and the welding electronics also permits high welding voltage at high power. This prevents annoying arc-breaks.


Integrated Wire Feederfronius tps 270i c pulse

Fronius has expanded its tried and tested TPS/i range to include the TPS 270i C PULSE and 320i C PULSE power sources with an integrated wire feeder. The new entrants, designed for welding currents up to 270 A and 320A respectively, combine the outstanding features of the TPS/I platform in an extremely compact housing and are equally suited to MIG/MAG, TIG DC and MMA welding.

These power sources can be used anywhere and with their space-saving construction, are the ideal solution for mobile applications in workshops and on construction sites.

The TPS 270i C PULSE and TPS 320i C PULSE enable welders to achieve outstanding results with high repeatability and boast maximum productivity in any given location, even under extreme conditions.

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