Founded in 1992, Technical Arc is the largest British manufacturer of conventional welding and cutting machines. Examples of their product ranges and most popular models include the following:

TecArc MMA 166i 230v Invertertec arc feature

Compact yet rugged the perfect tool for site welding or workshop use!

Ideal for fabrication or maintenance applications this machine is designed for MMA electrode welding & scratch start DC TIG with a variable output current between 20 and 160 amps. The machine will run MMA electrodes up to a maximum diameter of 4.0mm and due to its high efficiency will put down a 3.2mm 7018 electrode on a 13A plug.

Features Include:

  • Large Dinse style cable connectors for long term reliability
  • Built-in hot start ensures superb arc striking of electrodes
  • Super smooth welding characteristsics
  • Dual voltage version available (110v or 230v) with automatic voltage switching
  • Built to comply with BS EN 60974-1
  • CE Marked, RoHS compliant and WEEE registered
  • Generator friendly
  • Runs up to 50m extension cable with only 5% power loss (2.5mm cable)
  • Runs up to 100m extension cable with only 5% power loss using (4.0mm cable)

TecArc Wire Feed Unitstecfeed 350i

The TECFEED range of wire feeders are robustly constructed in a reinforced moulded case to give a fully enclosed wire feed unit which is well sealed against the elements. Rugged construction and excellent portability make these ideal for all site welding applications.

Features include:

  • Connect to virtually any DC welding power source
  • Multi process, MIG,MCAW, FCAW
  • Excellent welding performance with unbeatable arc stab
  • i4 roll drive system to guarantee trouble free wire feeding
  • Portable design with strong ergonomic carry handle
  • Heavy duty contactor with current up to 350amps
  • Torch trigger latching & burn back control standard
  • Standard Euro torch connection
  • Front control guards each side to protect from damage
  • IP23 protection, can be used outdoors
  • Works from 20-110v DC & factory tested to 150v
  • Takes 5kg & 15kg spools depending on model

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