Argweld PurgEliteargweld purgelite

Introducing to the market place for the first time a new system for small diameter tubes and pipes.

Another great innovation to help tube and pipe welders save time, money, gas and achieve better welds. The volume to purge is kept small, resulting in savings in both time and cost of inert gas used. In addition, these are fitted with an “Anti-Release” circlip to prevent parts accidentally separating inside the pipe.

These systems have no raised metal parts exposed; ensuring internally polished stainless steel tubing and piping are protected and are suitable for use on all grades of stainless and duplex steel, polished interiors and exotic metals and alloys. 

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Argweld PurgExtraargweld purgextra 

Particularly valuable for the welding of high specification stainless steel, titanium and other reactive alloys.

These purging systems also have the advantage of additional gas inlets and exhausts to accommodate high flow rates of purging and exhaust gases. Unwanted connections can be left closed with the blanking plugs provided. The dams inflate instantly with the purge gas line giving a guaranteed gas tight seal for fast purging through the integral gas release valve.

The high quality materials used in these Argweld® PurgExtra™ Inflatable Pipe Weld Purging Systems guarantee perfect oxide free weld roots in very fast times and can be used over and over again, further reducing manufacturing costs.

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Argweld QuickPurge argweld quickpurge

Part of the scientific breakthrough has been the addition of a simple but very effective weld purge gas release system.

IntaCal® is a very clever device that allows inflation of the dams and purging of the system at the optimum flow rate to ensure minimum usage of expensive inert gas. These systems are suitable for use in fields such as refineries, mining operations, power stations, LNG gas terminals, pipelines and all process industry pipework.

This is truly a magnificent state of the art 21st century ‘plug and play’ purging system that is a must for all industries welding stainless steel, titanium or alloy piping from 6 to 96″ diameter.

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Argweld HotPurgeargweld hotpurge

Developed so that pre-heating and welding can be carried out with the purge system in place.

Using the latest IntaCal® technology to release gas correctly into the purge space, RootGlo® for accurate positioning in the pipe and PurgeGate® to ensure systems never burst. Dam inflation is provided via a Schrader or ¼” BSP ball valve and provides excellent grip in the pipe with an effective all-round seal. Suitable for 24 hour cycles including pre-heat, welding and post-weld heat treatment.

These simple to use Argweld® Inflatable Weld Purge Dams can be purchased for any diameter, within their manufacturing range and can be used in connection with other styles or sizes of dams elsewhere within the piping system.

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Argweld Weld Purge Damsargweld inflatable dams

A low-cost alternative to plastic foam or cardboard dams that are still frequently handmade at great expense by welders on site.

It is not always practical to use a complete Argweld® Inflatable Tandem Purge Bladder System therefore these easy to use simple to use inflatable dams, made from the correct materials for welding purging, are much more suitable.

These simple to use dams can be purchased for any diameter within their manufacturing range and can be used in connection with other styles of dams elsewhere within the piping system. By producing bright shiny welds, there will be no porosity and there will be no loss of corrosion resistance caused by oxidation.

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