Many of our customers do not weld every week of the year and understandably do not want to rent a high pressure gas cylinder they only use occasionally. Alternatives, such as disposable cartridges, are very expensive in relation to a refillable cylinder.

Simply pay a one off deposit for your first cylinder and first gas fill, keep it for as long as you need, then refill it as often or as little as you like.

 Why choose Hobbyweld?hobbyweld comparison

  • Professional results for the small user
  • One cylinder is equivalent to 23 disposable cartridges, saving you up to £434.77 by comparison
  • No rental charges!
  • Keep your cylinder for as long as you need it
  • Compact and lightweight cylinder!
  • Height 840/940mm – Diameter 140mm
  • Excellent weld profiles and low spatter
  • Connects to a standard high pressure regulator
  • Can be used with a flow meter for truly professional results
  • Mixes available for mild steel, stainless steel and aluminium  

Hobbyweld Cylinder Ranges hobbyweld connections

Hobbyweld supply a range of cylinders including;

Hobbyweld Ultra – 20 litre cylinders pressurised to 300 bar (Hobbyweld Ultra), which are ideal for trade users and workshops that are looking to reduce the cost of rental. If you are comparing prices to other rent free options then please remember that the Argon and Hobbyweld mixes from Hobbyweld are 300bar refills rather than 200bar. These cylinders are big enough to last and convenient to move thanks to the integrated regulator and knob.

Hobbyweld Original – 9 litre cylinders pressurised to 137 bar (Hobbyweld Original), which is the ideal replacement for the mobile welder where space and portability are critical. They would also be idea for the home DIY’er who has a car restoration project and doesn’t want to pay through the nose for disposable cylinders. Hobbyweld Original cylinders contain around 27 cylinders worth of disposables making it miles cheaper to use Hobbyweld.

Hobbyweld Acetylene – these cylinders are filled to 800 litres